Sunday, November 29, 2009


my computer is being stupid, but i really super want to tell you this in response to the comment and your latest post. lol.

"i hate how that logic makes perfect sense.
like, if im ugly then at least i can try to not be fat. because if im not fat, then i can say that im doing better than a lot of people out there, even if my face does look fucked up.
sometimes i get scared that maybe im just ugly too.
but it would be better to be skinny and ugly than fat and ugly i guess...
even though if i were skinny then there is a huge possibility i would still be depressed and fail at life and hate everything.....
but its worth a try??

idk sorry for rambling i just really like this post it made me feel not so alone :]"


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  1. Thanks darling! : )
    Of course losing weight changes how your face looks too so there's always a glimmering beam of hope out there! And then there's more fucked-up logic like "if I'm skinnier people will like me better and when people like you they think you're pretty." Ahh whatever. Well thanks for the comment. : )