Wednesday, November 25, 2009


i have no intestines.
yup. they are gone.

i feel today like... blah, but in a good way?
im having a pretty good day i guess, just lazy and empty and bored
but i did really well yesterday, and today is going excellent :)

omg i just randomly got the hiccups

not really anything to update really...

except turkey day tomorrow! thank god im vegan, and i might not even be going with my family this year, because it would cause too much drama and because i will have to eat and because i get no cell phone signal out there in the boonies with the hicks...

yeah, definitely staying home.
to exercise all day :)
if im good i'll let myself eat tomorrow, but only if my fast today goes ok and if i feel in control enough to not binge.
and even then, i'll keep it under 500 calories max.

i just realized, that i have not brushed my teeth today yet, and i have horrible dragon breath, so im going to go brush my teeth and floss and obsess over making sure every surface inside of my mouth is totally clean :)
then i'm going to go work on my thinspo book :)

weight today: 153
goal by end of year: 140

let's go :D

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