Monday, May 2, 2011


144 this morning :D
i found this picture i posted last year here on june 22. i was 157
this is the difference between 157 and 146 :]smaller waist, thighs, hips, and a tighter tummy :] i have improved a little. i mean, it's nowhere near as dramatic as from when i was 215 til now but still, seeing as i got stuck in the binge cycle for like 6 months, i feel like i accomplished at least SOMEthing. which is ALWAYS better than nothing :]
AND, i'm back on track, with the running and i even rode my bike today.
intake= 682 (veggies and fruits are free, but my overall total was 932)
output= -1097
net= -415 (or -165, whichever you prefer)
89g protein!!!!! this is super important, because the binge/purge cycle sucked all the muscles off of my bones which made me look flabby and almost worse than when i was 215 :/ however, i am coming about this in a new way now, focusing on running and getting lots of protein, and at least 1 fruit and 1 veg a day. my grandma bought me some whey protein powder, 120 cals/2g fat/3g carbs/23g protein. this is my plan for may. i still will count calories, but as long as i run everyday and eat my fruits and veggies and protein, i will excuse myself if i go over a certain number every once in a while.
oh yeah, and NO BINGES IN MAY!!!! which means i will be smoking a lot less.
no weed= no high as fuck munchies.
plus, i'm saving the crip i just bought for when my bf comes down to visit. i'm gonna be so tan and so sexy he won't even recognize me :]
goal for end of summer= 140 or less, pref. 135 ish. i KNOW i can do that if i keep doing what i'm doing now, because it is working, and not only can i SEE a difference, but i FEEL different. healthier, not 'normal' yet, but definitely not as bad as i have been. i'm in no sort of recovery, just thought i would try something different, ya know? and i LOVE it <3


  1. omg hun u look stunning theres lots of improvement there.. im so happy for u congrats on the new low weight.
    I like your plan it sounds good stick to it and you will get to ur goal weight for sure.
    P.S: I know how much the munchies suck lol, sometimes when i do smoke and get the munchies i try to remind myself of how much good being empty is for me and sometimes im so high and talk myself into thinking im full its weird to think of when im not high but it works somehow lol

  2. Congrats!! You can definitely see a difference in the two pics, especially around your midsection. You look awesome!! And your plan sounds great too, and I'm sure you're gonna do fantastic with it 'cause you sound so motivated.

  3. Congratulations! You look great. I admire your determination :)

  4. oh my god! it's like day and night :)
    amazing pictures hun :)