Sunday, May 29, 2011


im in one of those moods where i keep walking past the gym in my building but i don't feel like going in and i keep looking through my fridge but i don't feel like eating and so i don't know what to do...
i wish i felt like running, cuz i would go.
and then i would make tea, because my pitcher is empty.
and then i would eat a salad, because all i ate today was oatmeal.
there are two beers in my fridge, but it hasn't been long enough since i last ate to start drinking.
i only like drinking on an empty stomach.
i know if i go to the gym and workout for an hour that i would have an empty stomach so i could start drinking.
and when you drink right after exercise the alcohol kicks in faster.
i think i shall force myself to go workout now, and then work on my novel.
i must workout though, so i can be a sexy stripper :]

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