Sunday, May 15, 2011

it's 4:03 and i can't sleep without you next to me i toss and turn like the sea if i drown tonight bring me back to life breathe your breath in me the only thing that i still believe in is you, if you only knew <3
5am breakfast on a sunday should never be "orange juice" (aka, screwdrivers) one after the other jake told me never spill a drop, dont waste the alcohol i promise baby i wont do it


  1. OMG hun, Im so sorrry :( that really really sucks... I'd be shattered if that happened to me,I cant even begin to imagine how u must be feeling. im sorry :( hope u feel better as time goes by. stay strong babe

  2. i am sooo sorry to come back from so long away and see this. i feel completely shattered for you i absolutely cant imagine losing someone you love so much at this stage in your life. i hope you have the support of family and friends at this time, and you most definitely have mine. im sorry darling x :'(