Friday, November 26, 2010


god my mom is so fucking nosey everytime i go into the kitchen she has to fucking follow me and stare at me and watch me and ask what im doing or if im gonna eat something like really bitch mind your own fucking business ughhhh
yes, i want to binge, no i don't want to but i think i will end up doing it anyways and then it will start the cycle all over and i havent thrown up in forever it would be too weird so im trying not to but shes making it really difficult i really wanna eat all of her fucking kitchen and throw it in her fucking face like really im only here on the weekends that does NOT give you room to fucking be all up in my shit gtfo bitch


  1. Aw hun :( Just think about how good it felt to be down to 149lbs!
    It is horrible having someone on your back the whole time, stay strong, you can get through it :)

  2. Right! F*ck, mothers are so damn annoying! I haven't binged in awhile but sometimes I think about doing it and then purging in her toilet and leaving it there, like, "You keep asking me if I do it, i say no, you dont believe me, so i'll start again." You're only there on weekends though, so be thankful for that at least lol. I live with mine all day everyday, fun stuff. Stay strong and level headed though! :)
    Hope your weekend gets better!

  3. I HATE that!! My grandmother does that.

    "what are you making? What's in it? What does it taste like? Are you making enough? Are you sure? That seems like so little..."

    My mom does it too, but my grandmother is especially... hmm... interesting :\