Monday, November 29, 2010


hooo kayyyy
so i got to the court house after arguing with my mom for like ever ugh shes always so negative and it pisses me off ughhh
anyways and then i walk in and sign in or whatever for my court date and then they go oh well you needa call dis number and just do this program thing and you wont have drug charges on your record anymor...............

SO YOU COULDNT JUST LIKE CALL OR EMAIL ME?!?!?! i had the worst morning ever with my mom and we had to drive all the way out here for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

the good thing is i havent eaten anything today at all, just my coffee :]
and at least i wont have charges on my record :]


  1. oh drugs, whaat a load of fun and trouble they get us into. congrats on the non eating!


  2. WTF oooohhhh charges. . . What for? My flatmate just had his bank robbery wiped from his record this year. Free to give offense!

  3. P.S
    Fuck, I know ay! I'd have to lose an assload and tone the hell up before I could start stripping. The place here is really strict, too. Gain a kg or more and you're fired.

    I can't see myself looking back on this with Dolly and laughing. I wasn't terribly good friends with her in the first place, not since she fucked me over in high school. I just thought she'd matured a bit since then. Obviously not!

  4. :) awesome hun! at least things are taking a turn for the better. good job with sticking to just coffee ;)

  5. I <3 drugs. lol sorry about court, do what ya gotta do :D