Monday, November 22, 2010


i have had 400 calories so far, and i plan to leave it at that unless my roommate goes out for starbucks, in which case i will NOT get the frappuccino that i want, but instead get a light one with soy.
i ended up eating yesterday, but i worked most of it off, so imma keep it small today and then tomorrow i will spend at least 2 hours at the gym and no food!
im trying to be really strong this week before thanksgiving.

and i have a paper due wednesday to keep me busy so that should help.

i dont feel as strong as i did yesterday morning :/
i hate that i get random spurts of inspiration and determination, they only last for like an hour.
i need to make collages like i used to, they kept me busy, and it was all thinspo so it helped.
maybe that's it, i dont use thinspo anymore like i used to :/

how is everyone else doing??? i feel like i've been out of touch lately with the whole world. i want to get back into the blogger world!!!

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  1. YOU ARE STRONG GO GO GO!! WOOT! your doing great :D I hate when I loose all inspiration to do anything, when that happens I normally yell in my head "INSPIRATION TIME LETS! GET! GOING!" its so weird, it makes me grin and then I want to work! <3!