Sunday, November 28, 2010

christmas diet:

and i from tomorrow until christmas, no more than 700 calories a day, must do some form of exercise everyday.
i want to lose ten pounds by christmas.

i made a thinspo video :D
it's on my thinspo site

who's with me on losing ten pounds by christmas???
we got dis :D


  1. Yeah we do :D
    I am so excited for my fresh start!

  2. Ten pounds by Christmas?
    I'm so in.

  3. im going for 8 just because im tired of failing... but im with you!

    good luck! <3

  4. OMG I drank far too much vodka last night! I spent the night buzzing and watching docos on YouTube XD

    I feel so special that you mentioned me as in imspiration! <3 I've got your Vlog open in another tab, I'm gonna go watch it now and follow your channel :p (I'm such a stalker!)

    10lbs=5kg? That'll put me at my next target. COUNT ME IN MATE!!!

  5. P.S.
    Watched your vlog, and I love it! I've subbed you too :p
    You have one of the 'nice' versions of the american accent. So fun to listen to!

  6. I am in!
    I blame my drugs for my lack of control but really I just need to get with it. 700 cals and under a day until Christmas, I am so with you there. I'd love to loose 10lbs, lets do it =D <3