Friday, November 26, 2010

UGHH *edit*

i had like 4 cups of mashed potatoes and 2 snickers minis :/ and i was gonna play ddr for the rest of the night to worl it off but I FORGOT TO BRING THE DAMN GAME BACK WITH ME i brought the mat, just not the fucking game................................

fuckfuckfuck and im running out of laxatives and i have no money to buy them waaaaaa

i had a fortune cookie that told me that being loyal and friendly would make me popular...................
ive always been loyal, and i have never ever been popular wtffff

im gonna force myself to drink 18 cups of coffee tonight. i took some lexies. im prolly gonna take some more in a few hours.
i fucking hate everything :/ today started out so amazing :///
i hate being home. if it's ever anything over two nights i binge.
i cannot keep doing this :(

realization: i ate more calories today than i did yesterday, on fucking THANKSGIVING
i really wanna just take a bunch of sleeping pills, more laxatives, and just sleep all this shit off
after i drink some more coffee

edit again******
i had too much coffee.
no sleep, must exercise all night long.
i found my moms free weights.
she was hiding them from me
i'll show her.
i'll fucking show everybody.


  1. Coffee pretty much negates sleep, but don't OD on it, ok? Your heart will NOT thank you! D:

    I did the Vlog >.< Yay YouTube? I tried doing one on my laptop but it somehow ended up massive. One day I'll learn how to compress it or something *Shrugs*

    Hmm, maybe you've been loyal to the wrong people? being friendly is the big winner. If you can charm the pants off people you're pretty much set, ay.

    Lol, DON;T combine the wrong amounts of sleeping pills and laxies, or you'll end up crapping the bed or something! D: HORRORZ!!!

    Ok, I need to locate more Vodka. The Smirnoff is no more :'( I'm gonna read your archives while I finish this knitting thing <3

    Have a good night, ok?

  2. Booyeah NUMBER 200 IS MOI!!! Damn, do I feel special! :D