Saturday, November 20, 2010

imma do abc soon

not this week because of thanksgiving, but like start the day after thanksgiving or something.
and im going to start using mydailyplate again.
i reread the first few months of my blog, back when i actually fasted and lost lots of weight, and i noticed that i do better when i update everyday, and when im completely honest and tell you guys exactly what i ate, and when i make small weekly goals for myself as opposed to just 'winging' it.
thats what im gonna do.
im GOING to reach my goal of 140 by new years.
since i was 152 today, im going to try and get to 149 by next saturday when i am home for the weekend. that's only 3 pounds.
that's a piece of sugar free low fat no icing cake :]
who's with me? let's do this.
i want to go back to no-calorie wednesdays and fasting on sundays. i need to drink water again. i need to do two-day fasts every now and then like i used to.
and i need to keep updating my thinspo blog, which i did today, so you should go check it out :]
so, today i ate 1040 cals, but burned probably around 400 cleaning and doing homework and such. mydailyplate says i should stick to around 750 calories per day to lose 3 pounds a week. i can do that. i can do better than that.
:] here we go ladies, let's get teensy!!

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