Wednesday, November 24, 2010


so the guy i like alot came over and ive been having sex with him for about 7 months now and its awesome like it just keeps getting better and better.
but thats not the topic im getting at.
we were having amazing shower sex, and i got really dizzy right after. we were still in the shower and everything went white and i couldnt hear anything or see and the water hurt my skin and i was swaying so he like sat me down in the shower and turned the water off and was like talking to me i guess trying to make sure i was ok. he asked if i was epileptic....
i was like no im just dehydrated so he made me drink water. i was still dizzy for like half an hour. it was really scary...
it was like when you pass out after not eating for a few days, but the exact opposite. like when i passed out last school year everything went black and sounds got louder but this time everything went white and i felt like i was dying.
or at least the closest i have ever been to dying.
if only :/
but anyways he wrapped me in a towel and made sure i was ok and it made me smile that he actually cared so much :]
and then we played golden axe on my sega and i beat his ass cuz im awesome like that :]
so overall good day right? when you get dizzy it means you're doing it right.
fasting today until thanksgiving, gotta clean my dorm fast before have to leave :D stay strong my lovelies!!!! <333


  1. It's a scary thing to go through! Same thing happened to me this morning, but I wasn't haveing sex sadly lol. I ended up violently puking and then i felt better. Thats cute that he cares about you :) my own gf wont ever be cute like that. Stay strong for TG! Peace, Love, & Mental Stability!

  2. What do you mean 'if only' !?
    Hopefully not what I think!!! Too many people would miss you!!!