Monday, March 22, 2010


non-ed related post, fucking bitch i want to kill her so badly ughhh

here's why

theres a girl, who has ben in love with my bf for almost eternity, and she cant get over the fact that he LOVES me and HATES her, so she makes up all kinds of stories about how she had sex with him and he cheated on me with her and all kinds of shit

meanwhile, i, not even thinking about her at all, become a fan of "there are plenty of fish in the sea, so could you please stop flirting with my fish?"'s page.

she takes this to mean that i am attacking her, and then goes off about how she tried to warn me he was trouble blah blah blah

look bitch, i don't even know you, so stop tagging me in stupid pictures on facebook, stop being a drama queen, stop dragging me into all your fucking petty teenage drama bullshit.


  1. Oh god... Stupid bitch. I'm sorry you have to deal with pointless high school drama...
    Why do girls lie about sleeping with people?? That happened to a guy I know and no matter what he did, he couldn't set her straight. "You fucking WISH I slept with you!" is about as far as he could get. lol

    I hope that ho gets what she deserves in the end. :)

  2. What's fucking ridiculous is that she fucking SCREENCAPPED YOUR UPDATE AND PUT IT ON HER PHOTOS. That's just creepy, pathetic and... just STUPID. Like does she even realize how obsessive and pathetic she is looking by doing that? She needs to back off and stop being eight years old.

  3. such a sad heifer...she needs a life

  4. What a total dumbass (i mean her obv :D ). U shud report the photo on facebook, with the comment that she's inappropriately tagging u, and the admin on facebook will block her from tagging you, or maybe they'll ban her from facebook completely!! which wud serve her right!

    what a total cow, she needs to get a life!

  5. Ugh :( I'm sorry hun. You should block her. And have your boyfriend block her too.

  6. awww thanks for the comment, i love you too.
    Wow that is fucking ridiculus that this bitch is doing that to you. we should kidnap her and starve her ;). i mean seriously that is absolutely pathetic. if she was the last
    "woman"(if she can even be considered female) on earth not a single person would sleep with her even if they were trying to repopulate the earth. they would rather let the human race die off, seriously.

  7. you guys are awesome lol
    yes candy, we shall have our revenge upon ms katie mwahahahahahha