Wednesday, March 24, 2010


if i lose only 3 pounds a week, i can still meet my graduation goal weight of 123.
3 pounds, seriously???? thats so easy to do, i've lost up to 10 pounds in a week before, so 3 should be easy as pie. easy as low cal, sugar free, mini pie.
i will get there. i know i will.
i have to.
i'll show those bitches.
i'll be one of those sexy bitches.
just you wait.

(if anyone wants to bet on it, i'll be collecting money starting tomorrow :] hehe)


  1. good luck girl! you can do it ;) hahaha i laughed when i read the low cal sugar free mini pie...soooo true. or easy as some sugar free jello!

  2. SWEET!!!

    I'm aiming for 3lbs a week too.
    You're gonna look so freaking awesome in your graduation dress! You can do this!