Wednesday, March 31, 2010


d. when one partakes in binge eating for any of the following reasons:
1) to put off doing something important
2) to have something to do other than something important
3) to make time go by until right before you absolutely must do something important

ok, so... i have 3 essays to write and submit via internet... by midnight... it's 11:20...

whatever you do, no matter what eating disorder you choose, NEVER procrastinate important things (like writing essays for scholarships for college) by bingeing. It is the worst kind of binge ever, and it did the opposite of helping me write these freakin essays :/

wish me luck, and thank god i can type fast!

i will return to emptiness, i have to. liquids only during spring break!
stay strong <333

1 comment:

  1. stay strong
    i've got you in my thoughts!! hope it goes well!!!
    remember: nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!!!