Wednesday, March 10, 2010

does this ever happen to you?

is anyone else scared to death to drink water because you honestlycant remember how long its been since the last time you actually had your 8 cups of water in one day so you pretty much know your dehydrated as all get out and your scared to drink like a gallon of water because your scared you'll gain like tons of water weight before you start to lose the water weight??
i used to drink 5 24-ounce bottles of water every day. now i barely get in a cup. its been way too long. and ive been saying that im going to start drinking water like i used to, back when i actually lost weight because i never ate anything, but i dont want to have to face the world with a fat puffy face like the one i already have right now :/
i binged last night, but threw up some of it which never happens so i was pretty happy because of that, however not all of it came up so i took laxatives so i know i should drink even more water because of that but im so scared to...
i should just get over it :/ i dont want to die of dehydration. that would behorrible.
headline: fat wannabe dies trying to dehydrate herself to lose water weight... nuh-uh.. not gonna happen.
no day better than today to start over right?
i just wish every day wasnt a start over day :/


  1. I am scared to death of being bloated because of not drinking enough water. Water is calorie free, fills us up, and flushes out all the shit that does weight us down and cause toxins to build up. I don't flush crap out of my stomach and intestines as fast either without drinking enough water. The only time I am afraid to drink is in the middle of the night and early morning. Don't wanna have any water in the tummy for the morning weigh-in.

    xoxo zen

  2. Every time I weigh myself I always freak out because I know I should be drinking more water so basically I am a trillion pounds heavier than what the scale yeah, haha I get what you're saying. I am going to try to drink more but its such a pain.

  3. I personally treasure my water like it's freaking Baby Jesus or something. I can't get enough. I love how full it makes me feel.

  4. i know what you mean. i hate drinking! even if they say weight loss is better with drinking lots. I try to drink every day but usually end up drinking a sip here and there

  5. did you know that if you become dehydrated, your body will retain water? it's similar to going into starvation mode.. when i don't drink enough water, my face tends to get puffed up and bloated--it's because of water retention! so the solution to water retention is actually to drink more water.

  6. hahaha lmao im sorry i didnt wake up but you left anyways since there really isnt any food left we should start today......maybe lolugh i feel like shit and so totally dont want to do school work meh fml

  7. omg, i thought it was only me. today is the first day i actually drunk water, like seriously, i never drink it because i get scared i will put on a tonnne. but apparently its the #1 thing towards helping you loose weight and it is helping me.
    trick is to drink lots and you will wee lots, basically if you don't drink, you're body will retain water, but if you drink lots, it feels no need to retain anything and you actually lose weight.
    have a good day babe. xxxx