Friday, March 5, 2010


my stomach is in knots
ive been sick for like 3 days ish i think
on tuesday i threw up all over the place which was ok cuz i had just binged so at least i got rid of that food cuz god knows i couldnt have done it without being sick...
except then i binged on wednesday :/
i did really reall well yesterday until my mom left to take my brother to baseball practice.
then i had 2 slices of pizza, the hugest burrito ever, a cinnamon roll and 2 donuts washed down with this starbucks mocha coffee thingy and a snickers bar :/
so in all actuality, it wasnt a fail day but it definitely was the opposite of good. anything less than perfect is failure :/ i hate it
but anyways now i have the worst gas ever it hurts to move its so gross and horrible i have never ever in my life had this problem but i feel like this huge inflated balloon i can feel the air moving through my intestines its really really weird
im just hoping it goes away

the worst part is i totally forgot all about the cookies i bought, so now theyre in my closet waiting for me :/
but im supposed to be doing this thing with my friend were going to be like breatharians kinda like gandhi he fasted on liquids for 68 days isnt that awesome im so jealous urghhhh

i wish my tummy would just go away
why do we even need stomachs ugh
*will post thinspo soon, promise*


  1. I love that term, "breatharians" - that's what we are all trying to be I guess, haha!

  2. So sorry you are having a tough day :( Good luck on your Gahndi fast, though!

  3. Gawhd, girl you just made me feel like I need to fart. Blech!!

    Go spray some cleaner on those cookies and squish them into the trash before they add to the tummy bloat!!

    Feel better soon.

    xoxo zen

  4. awww i love you too. we will get this even if we have to lock ourselves in a bomb shelter for the next month. gaining all this weight back makes me feel furthest from my goal and why the fuck does time have to move so slow but just remeber how beautiful you felt weighing 145 and know that it isnt unreachable. <3333

  5. lol. im really excited for it to come in! itll be about another 3 days or so!