Monday, March 15, 2010


i smoked my first cigarette today...
and still i am eating cereal


  1. Blah no cigarettes!
    They suck...
    I quit, but I swear,
    I look for any excuse
    to buy a pack.
    Just... don't.

  2. what type of cereal?? :D

    Dont smoke!! if ur only starting now dont do it, no offense to any smokers, but its gross :( it causes premature aging of the skin, so ul get all wrinkly...

  3. i will say as a "responsible" adult DON'T START...but I'm a smoker myself and although I can go days without smoking, I don't want to I love it and (bash me if you want) but it keeps me from putting food in my is unhealthy today's pack gave me these warnings:
    ~Smoking can be Deadly
    ~Smoking can damage sperm and limits fertility

  4. if you start smoking now, when you try to quit it will make you gain weight, causing a horrible endless cycle. just avoid them all together, lung cancer is not the way to go.
    believe me ive thought about starting to smoke to curb my hunger, but the eventual weight gain or lung cancer out weigh that option.