Friday, March 12, 2010


...being fat, i have had the best day ever.

I love my boyfriend. We have the best sex ever. And this is my blog so im going to say whatever the hell i want to about how amazing he is, and about how awesome our sex ALWAYS is. I have never had bad sex with him. and i always get hot and sweaty, mostly i do that on purpose, because it burns more calories. :/ yeah, i think about food even when im fucking my boyfriend :// its so sad.
anywho, today was so great because i made him breakfast in bed :]]] it was adorable. even if i did eat two bowls of grits. and then later we went to the mall and picked out his tux for prom. he looks so fineeee omggggg

we had a talk last night. about the future.
b- "how long do you think we'll be together?"
me- "forever, duh :p hehe"
b- "for real? like for real for real?"
me- "yeah :DD"
b- "yay :DD"
me- "what about you how long do you think?"
b- "forever and ever and ever :D"
me- "awww yayyyyy :]"
b- "so... hypothetically speaking.......if like... in a few years.... i happened to ask you to marry me.... what would you say?"
me- "0.0 i would say yes :DD"
b- "really?"
me- "yeah really really"
b- "i love you heather"

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D yaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!! and we pretty much talked like all night.
le sighhhh :] hehehehehehehehe so im all giddy now :D

and still fat because for some reason happiness is a binge trigger? how that happens, i will never know... grrrrrrrr


  1. Shit, me too. I binge for the strangest reasons. You would think it surrounds depressions. But that is rarely the case. Usually it is just habit. Other times it is some odd trigger. Or even just being fricken happy!
    Stupid binge monster takes advantage of us at any opportunity.

    xoxo zen

  2. Oh, that's sickeningly cute :)
    Happiness makes me binge too; I think it's because when we're happy, we don't think about our insecurities, and we feel ok and like we can eat a bit extra...or something :/
    It sucks, all the same, aha

  3. awwww im glad im not the only one who you talk to about your sex life lol.
    yay for eating ice cream at five in the morning and purging it doesnt count because i havent gone to sleep yet lol. <3

  4. Hey, I'm new to your blog. I just wanted to say what an inspiration you are to me, you've given me the push I need to start restricting, and start my own blog.
    You've come so far, and I'm sure you'll reach all ur goals. I only hope I can do as well!!

  5. Happiness is a major binge trigger for me two! And you and your boyfriend sound absolutely lovely!