Tuesday, December 22, 2009


i dont care that im 9 lbs away from my low weight, because today im lower than 160, which is good enough, and also means ill be somewhere around like 154 tomorrow, because im fasting today, and i ate like... 65g of fiber yesterday, so that should get things moving since i dont have a ride to the store for laxatives, but as soon as i get one im so gonna get like 80 of them and take at least half, and then i can get back into my zone, as soon as i can get more akavar... if i fast until christmas, maybe i can fit into my clothes, so i wont have to wear pajamas all day like i have been doing for the past 5 days, because im just so fucking fat :/
but no more!
because today is a new day, and things are moving, and im only having water and coffee today, at least like 5 24-ounce bottles of water, and my usual 4 cupz of coffee, and maybe some slimming tea later on today.
oh yeah, haha my brother and i haha we made a gingerbread house yesterday hahahahahaha and my mom was pissed because before she even got home to see it half of the roof was gone hahahahaha
it was soooooooooooooo yummy.
but that was the fat me taking over yesterday, and i can feel the skinny girl in there, shes right there, she wants to be able to breathe again, so im gonna stop smothering her with all my gross food and fatness and grossness....
yay for water :D

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