Tuesday, December 22, 2009

master cleanse?

if you've done it, tell me how it went.
i want to do it starting january 1st for 10 days, and transition from that into an abc based diet with 99% fruits and vegetables

just a thought.

sorry i keep posting lol
im just boreddddddddddd
and too lazy to exercise.

also, im going to try a salt water flush.
ive tried it twice before, the first time i barely got 3 gulps of that stuff down, it was soooooooo gross...
the second time i got half of it.
maybe this time it will work?

my tummy feels empty, all i've had today is water and coffee, and i feel so much better than i did around this time yesterday.
i love fasting. so clean...

off to flush out my intestines! wish me luck!
hopefully it works this time, and i'll wake up tomorrow like 10 pounds lighter o.o
jk, i know thats impossible, but still, i can dream :]

oh yeah, and im almost finished creating my thinspo site ill hopefully be done by like tomorrow ish with lots of christmas thinspo!!!!
woot :D


  1. It's not bad, but it gets extremely boring. The effects are like those of a juice fast with a pre-fast saltwater flush. Good luck, can't wait to see the siteeee


  2. Christmas thinspo! Exactly what I need! :]