Monday, December 21, 2009

i should probably...

...stop eating like a fatty :/

and i should probably drink like fifty gallons of water tomorrow.
because i have gained more water weight the past 4 days than i ever have in my entire life.

i'll start right now: 1 gallon down, one to go before bed...

i should also probably exercise tonight, cuz i haven't done that since...thursday :///

you know what i will most likely do after i hit "publish post"?

go find something to eat.

yeah, thats right, eat some more you fatass bitch...
at least its broccoli, and not like.. cake..
holy shit did someone say cake aaaaaaaaaa
nom nom nom

*edit dos*
no! hah! i didnt eat cake.
i wonder what will happen if i drink 5 gallons of water and eat a whoooooooole lot of fiber tomorrow....
recommended intake for average adult is 25-30 grams, im shooting for 50.
here's to nothing left to lose, except the 10 pounds i gained the past 4 days.....

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