Sunday, December 6, 2009

the tyra show comes on the wb!

for me, it's channel 17, at my friend's house, it's channel 9?
lol yay for awesome tyra :]

upd8 tym:
officially in the 40s, at 148, hellz yeah

day 10 is going splendidly, thanks to not having enough time to come on blogger to update so now i have lots and lots to catch up on, lots of blogs to read, because yes, i do read all you guys's blogs, but my computer won't let me comment most of them for some reason...

omfg funny story: my best friend spent the night on friday night and she was like heatehr please lets binge i want to so bad waaaahhhhhh
so we went to almart and got this huge ass cheesecake the variety kind with like 12 slices or whatever... even though were both vegan...
and she ate most of it, but i did have like 3 slices and it was amazing and almost totally worth it.
but alas, we didnt finish the whole thing because it was so rich, so as she was driving 45 mph down the road back to my house, i threw the rest of the cheesecake out the window.
xD yay for getting rid of evidence!
and i hated myself for eating it, but the next morning i was 149!
and this morning i woke up after sleeping for 12 hours and im 148!
and today is day 10 of abc, so im fasting, and will hopefully lose another pound by tomorrow to get to 147 which has been a goal i've been aiming for for a while now :]

also, i hope everyone is having a great holiday season.
the best thing ever to make you in a better mood: youtube search for christmas karaoke :] i love singing christmas songs :]

i will be 140 by christmas!
i must i must i must!

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