Thursday, December 17, 2009

149 and losing

i gained massive weight.
but i punished myself with no blogging until i could do 5 days of abc no problem :]

this will be me when i get an apartment with my ana friend and i can finally have my kitty:

this is probably one of my favorite pictures ever. three reasons why: i'm going to be tiny like her one day, instead of this hideous monstrosity of a person that i am today. i want to get my bangs cut again one day, like this, because it always looks adorable on me. there's this cat that has been hanging around my grammas house for like 2 months now, but i cant bring him home b/c my mom and brother are allergic to cats, but when i get an apartment, i can finally have him :] his name is mr tuna :]]

i got some of this tea stuff by Good Earth, it's slimming tea, i hope it works. it tastes amazing.

i wish i had more to update... nothing really speacial is going on... i slept last night for like 15 hours woooo :]]]]]]]

love and firce to all my skinnies <3

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