Thursday, December 24, 2009

charlie, v, and falling starlight

i <3 you!

fyi, i did spend today doing what I wanted to do, with peace and quiet, and it was a very good day :]

i looked at lots of thinspo, and sang karaoke lol
cuz karaoke is best when nobody is watching :]]]]] hehe

i fasted :] all day :]
which is significant b/c usually home alone means peace and quiet time to eat whatever i want, however i want with nobody watching...
but not today!


maybe santa will be good to me this year... i've been better this year than most years... know why?!?!?! cuz i lost 65 pounds this year.
isn't that amazing? i cant really believe it myself, but the scale tells me otherwise :] yay

i hope everyone has the best christmas ever, i may or may not post tomorrow, depends on if i have time, lots to do :]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

i love you guys so much!!!!
stay strong and merry christmas!
or, if you don't celebrate christmas, then have a happy (insert winter holiday name here)!


  1. I'm so proud of you for losing all that weight. You are truly my inspiration right now, seeing as I've only managed 12 pounds from my original HW... and even then I can't get back to my LW...

    You stay strong too, and merry christmas!

  2. That's so epic, Heather! Congratulations, all that weight lost is truly amazing. : ) Stay strong!