Sunday, June 27, 2010

abc day 7/8

how day seven was supposed to go:
almonds- 72
mini wheats- 50
veggie burger- 70
applesauce- 50
small salad- 50
ddr- 215
total in- 292
total out- 215
net calories- negative 77

how it went:
see above, add break up with bf, add 2000 calories, add too miserable to purge.

day 8:
see above, add 500000000000 calories, purged today, and took laxatives.

why are men such assholes???? he thinks im hurt. im really not. i broke up with him, he wants his shit back etc... he keeps calling which is making it 1000000 times worse. im so pissed. ugh.
well, i was... now i just feel void.


  1. Stay strong, get back on track, don't let him make you do this to yourself. Make sure YOU are in a position of power. Make him realize what he missed out on.

    And most of all, feel better dearie.

  2. :( I am soooo sorry!!! But dont let this ruin your ABC diet. Just start back where you left off and it will be ok. And ignore the man...seriously, he probly knows nothing. YOU, are STRONG!
    Feel better k? :)

  3. Its probably a good thing you broke up with him if hes making you feel this shitty.

    The most important thing is don't give up. When your that cute little willowy thing walking around he'll know what hes missing out on.

    Be strong sweetheart. It gets so hard sometimes. Theres no "but" to that, its just hard. Life isn't easy. Men aren't easy. Thats the truth of it.

    You have our support though, and thats more than most people have. Keep your head held high and I'll send some good karmic thoughts your way. <3

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  5. Im sorry to hear your last two days didn't go very good. but be strong and get back in the game, dont let this asshole ruin that! hes not worth it...
    stay strong! xx

  6. I'm sorry, hang in there, don't let him ruin your success. x