Saturday, July 3, 2010

abc day 14? ha...

you guys are so awesome!!! thanks so much for your kind words and support it really does help. this whole week has been crazy i have been way too busy with school stuff to even think about food or my ex bf and i havent lost any weight at all because ive been eating shit food but luckily i have been walking non stop all day the past two days for orientation so i havent gained any weight at all either. im 156, which isnt horrible but isnt pretty either :/
today would be day 14 of abc, but i already screwed that up, but i dont feel bad today so i am going to fast the rest of the day and exercise to make up for it, and then move on tomorrow to day 15. am going to redo all the days i messed up after i get to day 50. i WILL be skinny for college.

speaking of college, i have amazing news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IM GETTING A FULL SCHOLARSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HIHGAEGBVOHBHUGBSVQEVGBUOANKHZJBFDB YAY
it will cover housing fees, tuition, lab fees, books, and even a meal plan! so of course i am getting the smallest meal plan... but the campus has a coffee shop so i will just use all my meal credits to buy coffee :] i am so excited! i find out who my roommate is the middle of this month, i hope i know who she is and isnt a complete stranger :/ but it would almost be better to have a roommate who is a complete stranger that way i dont have to worry about if she finds out about my ed...
my mom is like trying to force me to get a mini fridge for my dorm and to fill it with food im like uh no ill fill it with low carb monster energy drink, tea, coffee, and apples and that is it. i dont want to eat like ever at college. i probably wont because i dont like eating in front of people and there are people everywhere...
im also scared that like what happens if i binge and have to purge cuz i am definitely taking my bucket with me but i wont be able to use it like any time i want :/ idk.

but yeah mostly im really really excited :D and my bf and i decided that even though he is an asshole i will still be friends with him because i do really care for him and we are very close and we dont really know alot about each other still so were just going to be friends.
that way im not obligated to turn down all the hot college guys :D hehehehehe
i havent heard from my guy friend in a while because he is grounded :/ i really miss him.

my bestie is coming back on monday!!!!!!!! she is going to continue abc with me and we are going to kill ourselves with exercise :D
oh oh oh and i start a babysitting job on monday so i will be too busy to eat much this week :DDD yay!!!!!!

i hope all of you are doing fantastic! i have missed you all this week and i will try my best to update more often than last week. i forgot how inspiring using blogger everyday was :]

stay strong <333


  1. OMG I'm so excited for you!!! I never finished college but I so wish I had.

    Thats going to be fantastic.

    I have some friends that lost a lot of weight in college just from too busy studying to eat. It really helps when your busy all the time. :)

  2. Great job!!! I am also going to college this year! Its going to be great! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! <3 <3

  3. A full scholarship?? Amazing!! How awesome!

  4. Congrats on college! You;ll have so much fun!! You better keep posting :P