Friday, July 9, 2010

be back monday :D

going camping at the beach :D

today: 2 starbursts- 40
15 almonds- about 100

plan: eat as little as possible, and only fruits/veggies/nuts when forced
go running on the beach every morning before sunrise

sooooooooo excited :DD

love you guys!!

oh! ps- i am totally crushing on the one guy xD


  1. Ya know, adrenaline does burn a bunch of calories lol.

    I'm going to the beach next week. Don't forget sunscreen! :)

    When you get back you've gotta fill me in on how its going with the cute guy. I'm literally excited for you.

  2. oh my god i am soooo jealous running on the beach before sunrise sounds like a dream movie! maybe the one guy will join you?? have fun xx