Thursday, July 8, 2010

back on track

sadhana: i will never stop posting!!! i love yousguys way too much :]

i fell into a pothole in the road, but i climbed out and i am back down to 155,, and the next 5 days im going camping so it will be easy to get away with not eating much because all im taking for food is fruit and almonds :]

yesterday was a good day :] i had 130 cals of almonds, and a low-carb monster energy drink, so i had 150 cals :D and i did DDR and burned 500 calories, AND, i went to a show with some friends last night, and got up close and personal with this amazingly sexy guy :D

i feel very awesome today. how is everyone else?


  1. Omigosh DDR is a wonderful idea.

    Also, almonds are so good for you. Get yourself some almond milk. Its yummy.

    Did you give the guy your number?

  2. Yes, don't ever stop posting! You have no idea what a friend you are to me!! I know that sounds silly, but fucking eh :P