Monday, June 21, 2010

abc day 1

oatmeal- 75
veggie burger- 70
cereal- 100
random mixed fruit- 100
soup- 150

total- 495
output- 85

net calories- 410

day one complete.
i havent binged in four days.
i feel so determined :]


  1. Thats fantastic sweetheart. I just had an orange, a pickle, and a piece of candy today. Doing so good. I can't wait to check the scale in the morning!

    Whats your goal weight?

    Keep it up! You're strong.

  2. I want to eventually be 115, but my main goal is just 130 atm. Short term goal. I know taking the weight off after that will be hard.

    I know how it is with family members breathing down your back. I live with my boyfriend, the house is split in two and his family lives on the other side. We do it because they need him around. Rambling, anyway, its hell because his family is all about asking me if I ate yet and telling me to come eat.

    Its rough. I hate it. I'm always throwing good food away so I have wrappers I can leave laying around. Feels like a waste when someone else could have actually eaten it.

    Its so worth it though. Don't feel bad. I have a good 50 something to lose as of right now. You're way ahead of me.

    We'll do it together though. Its easier when you know someone is there checking up on you.


  3. I'm so proud of you! You are going to do awesome I just know it.