Tuesday, June 22, 2010

abc day 2

applesauce- 50
mixed veggies- 120
2 cookies- 170
total- 490

off to exercise :/ feel blah today i really want to just binge idk meh


  1. hey, the camera thing is a good idea :) I'm sure one can see progress real soon!
    stay strong :)

  2. oh and i forgot to write: don't binge, you can do this, keep holding on to your goals!

  3. Thank you for the comment! It makes me feel so good for you to say I am beautiful :)

    Not that I am on the diet or anything, but my totals for today are 434. I'm not hungry or tired, either, but I am scared that somehow I'll convince myself that I SHOULD eat something more because it's not logically enough - or something incredibly inane like that.

    Glad to hear you are doing so well :) <3

  4. Do not not not binge! Its not worth stressing over tomorrow. You're stronger than that!

    Just look at how far you've come already. I believe in you girl.