Sunday, January 31, 2010


got some laxatives last night
i feel better now :]

im at my friends house and everyone is asleep its so hard not to just eat all her food i soo want to cuz she has really really awesome stuff and her dad has swiss rolls which are the best things everrrrrrrrrrrrr

but im just drinkin coffee, watching chowder, im tired of being a fatass
i have to fast this week.

walmart doesnt sell akavar anynmore :(((((( i cant wait to be able to buy it online when i get a job.

i wrote an amazing poem/short story this week, will post soon i promise <3

i hope everyone else is motivated for this week!!!
we can do this. we've all done it before, so whats stopping us from doing it again??
stay strong <333


  1. I hate thinking about the foods I should never never eat again. It makes me sad because no matter how much I hate eating and what eating has done to my body, I still like flavors.. ugh.. must find another passion to replace the passion of taste.

    And I would love to read your poem :)

  2. OMG swiss rolls are like GOLDDDD :X