Sunday, January 10, 2010

ABC day 9 :]

its been 9 days since i started abc, and i have only binged once. i am amazed at myself.
and its finally paying off. i weighed in at 146 this morning.
tomorrow is a fasting day, and i am positive that after that i will be to my next goal weight of 145. i have waited so long for this. i dont want this to escape me. i missed you so much ana, you just dont even know. im so cold. my body doesnt remember how to be warm :] i love this. i feel empty and light and amazing. i froze all day long yesterday until i took a really hot bubble bath while my family ate dinner.
best thing to occupy time: steaming hot bubble bath to warm you up after freezing all day. seriously, i was in the tub for like 2 hours just soaking it felt so nice to finally be warm ahhhh lol

also, i have finally completely ended things with my ex (the reason i had been bingeing so much), and have moved on to... a new man-target!!! yay finally!
except, he happens to be my best friend ever, but we've always had feelings for each other. the problem is, we're never single at the same times, so we're like.. the relationship that never happened 4 times but now that were both single we can finally be together and it is amazing and i feel so happy that finally things are getting better.

i am convinced i have seasonal depression. winter comes, everythign sucks. then after new years, i regain control, and things get better. it happened last year, like i lost 50 ish pounds the first half of last year, and then it slowed to a halt and i started bingeing, but nowadays i dont even feel like eating like ever its so amazing and now everything is getting happier for some reason... maybe this year i can lose another 50? we'll see ;]

69 pounds down, 35 to go, bring on the new year, bring it!

edit: also, on my thinspo site, i want to know what themes you guys would like to see. any ideas?
im already thinking about doing a whole post devoted to thigh gaps. i want thigh gap sooo badly lol im going to do that, and one with pictures of flat stomachs and such, but other than that, what do you guys want to see most?


  1. absolutely love the thigh gap idea! That would be simply amazing! Haha and its funny because I totally know what you mean about seasonal depression binges. I think mine is finally over. Peace love and weightloss.

  2. the day you realise you have a thigh gap is like the bets ever ! i think i danced around for ages when i noticed

    well done for only binging once thats amazing i hope now your both single the 2 of you get together x

  3. I'm the same way i do really good wit eating during the day and at nite is wen I mainly eat n my bf doesnt help...I do have my calorie down to around a 1000 a day....Anyways that website you gave me looks helpful...Thanks

  4. what exactly is abc?