Thursday, January 21, 2010

long story short:

i ran out of akavar.
i ran out of everything except appetite and FATTYMCFATFACE-ness.

my best guy friend, the one who i was dating last time i posted, decided to not eat anymore.
he hasnt eaten since tuesday morning.
i doubt anything will come of it, but still.
i tried to tell him to eat something like healthy food or whatever, but then i stopped talking, because, im not healthy, so who am i to judge whats right and wrong in this sense?

anywho, we broke up over the weekend cuz my ex came back, and me being the dumb girl i am took him back.

i gained 10 pounds this weekened.

lets go gain ten more, shall we?


  1. I did that, gained 10lbs in a weekend. It certainly sucks, but you can get yourself out of it! Stay strong, hope you're feeling better soon,

  2. Akavar contains gelatin (which is made from the boiled boned, skins and tendons of animals).
    I am a vegan too, so I just thought you'd wanna know that.