Thursday, January 14, 2010


i got accepted to unf!!!!!!!!!!!

i reached my next goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
145 bay-bay!

im now on day 13 of abc and i still havent binged but that one time last week im so happy its been so long since ive had this much control yay

omgomgomgomg my best guy friend ever kissed me :] were officially "together" :]]
and he invited me to his house on sunday :]]]

only thing is, he wants to feed me, because im vegan, and he wants to cook vegan food....
so hes probably gonna make pasta, so im just going to fast until sunday and exercise like crazy and if all else fails, i will take laxatives, but i really dont think i'll have to i'll just exercise it off.

im starting to see abs o.o
and ribs o.o
and when i lay down, my hip bones are sooooooooooooooo pretty :]]]


  1. yay congradulations =)
    yay for beast mode exercising

  2. Wow congratulations girl!!!
    Thats so great, I am extremelyyyyy jealous.
    Sheesh :)

    Keep it up!

  3. Awww! Awesome! Let us know how the thing goes with your guy. And I'm so proud of you!