Sunday, May 31, 2009

I hate doing shows. People are so nice and offer to buy you food for dinner because "You haven't eaten all day, I know you're starved!!" If they only knew. However, until yesterday, I had fasted for five days. Again. It's so weird, sometimes I can go five days, no problem, and other times it's like I can't even do one. But anywho, I'm starting over again, after I go burn like 2000 calories. I ate so much yesterday. I just know I gained weight back. I got down to 174. Now I'm probably 180 again :( But I won't get on the scale untill after I burn 2000 calories. That is my goal today. If i jump rope for an hour, I can burn up to a thousand. Then I'll have to do something else.. like... idk yet.
I just learned that if I run 7 miles an hour for 229 minutes, I can lose a pound. If I do an elliptical machine, or a stationary bicycle for 232 minutes, I can lose a pound. If I jump rope for 4 hours, I will lose a pound. If I run 5mph, for 312 minutes, I will lose a pound. If I jog for 377 minutes, I can lose a pound. If I rearrange furniture all day, for seven hours, I will lose a little over a pound. And if I walk 4mph for 512 minutes, I can lose a pound.
Omg. Really??? This is amazing. If I do all this exercise over a week, like fit in all of the above, spread out over a week, I can lose 8 pounds..... AMAZING. And probably more if I don't eat!
Holy shit.
So, I'm going to jump rope twice today, for thirty minutes each time. I"m going to do this every day for the next week, and see what happens. And I'm going to continue to do calisthenics, because these exercises (situps/crunches, squats, lunges, pushups) tone muscles. Which is what I'm looking for. Because there is no way I'm ever going to be a body builder.
Oh, I also found out that I have a medium sized frame. Which sucks. But oh well, I can't help the size of my bones, just the amount of shit I put on them. And for the next week, this amount will be nothing. I have to get down to 170 by Friday. I absolutely have to. It was my first goal. I have to do it. I must. If I don't, I am a failure at life. But I can't think about the what-if's. I WILL do it. I will. as far as I know, it's only about five pounds which is nothing if I'm exercising everyday. I'll come back later and let you know what happens.
I love you. Well, to the only person who reads this anyways...
But hey, as long as someone cares, right?
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  1. i love you too and i really do care you are strong and beautiful and can do this i know you can and so does ana. i can't wait for are bike ride tommorow because yesterday we burned so many calories. thank you for saying i'm beatiful that was nice but you don't need to say that because it isn't true and i know you are a great friend.