Saturday, May 23, 2009

feel better

I let my body die
My eyes don't need to cry
Look at me and ask "Why?"
I need to live this life
I like to feel empty
With nothing inside of me
Anything for beauty
To set the girl inside me free
I'll starve my life away
Because it makes me feel better,
And I want to feel beautiful
I'll make it there one day
Because one day I'll feel better
When I feel beautiful
Each day's a harder fight
I need more than sleep at night
Even with all my might
I must resist the first bite
I need to take control
It eats away my soul
This hunger takes it's toll
Please hold me, I'm getting cold
I'll starve my life away
Because I want to feel better,
I need to feel beautiful
I know I'll get there one day
One day, I'll look better,
And I will be beautiful.

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