Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fuck my life. This weekend sucked soooo bad.
First, this morning, my baby goes "you didnt eat anything last night, I know you're starving, let's go eat breakfast!" So we went to this really cool diner type place and the food was good I guess.. I ate this omelet thing with a lot of veggies in it and whole-weat pancakes and some grapes.. it was actually pretty good, just like oily as fuck and waaayyy too eggy and too cheesy but then, what is an omelett but oil eggs and cheese... I tried to go to the bathroom and throw it up but I couldn't do it. I tried, but it took forever because I don't really have gag reflexes, so I was just like fuck it :(
Then later on today his family had this little get-together, and he was like "ooh try some of this it's really good" and he made me "try" like everything at least one and a half times, and I didn't have time to try to throw up because we had to go to his show. :(
ugh so I'm definitely going to consume NO calories at all untill wednesday, when my babe is taking me to a dinner theater to see "Footloose". Why does he eat so much? How does he eat so much?!?!?! I wish my body was a vacuum :((
I'm going to go do some double-entendre exercise now.

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  1. i'm sorry i bet she'll forgive you are doing the best you can! you can do it i love you!