Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Soooo, today is no-calorie Wednesday! And I'm well on my way to finishing this day off with at least a 1,000 calorie deficit. Go me! I faked eating all day by throwing food away, and by leaving dishes in the sink. And mom still doesn't suspect a thing.
And up untill probably sunday I won't be too pressured to eat anything :D And now I have to go exercise. Here's the plan:
stretch 10 minutes - 50 cals
jumping jacks 20 minutes - 120 cals
jumprope 30 minutes - 400 cals
weight lifts 10 miuntes - 80 cals
crunches 10 minutes - 100 cals
pushups 10 minutes - 100 cals
other calisthenic stuff 10 minutes - 60 cals

Acording to this calorie counter ( I burn between 2190 and 2470 calories a day, just with my body's normal processes and going to school and stuff. Since it takes 3500 calories burned to lose one pound of body fat, this information means that I have to burn an extra 1310 to 1030 calories a day. I was thinking, since I learned that with my weight, sleeping for eight hours burns about 600 calories, that if I burn at least 1000 calories a day, then I should be able to lose a pound a day or more. If I exercise like this everyday, then I will burn 900 calories a day, in only 100 minutes, which is only like an hour and a half! The other hundred could be burnt off just by showering and like brushing my teeth and stuff. Isn't that neat? I can plan out my whole day and tell approximately how many calories I will burn. I love that!
Oh my gosh my stomach just growled. I heard that when your stomach growls, its burning calories. There's another few burned off! Yaaayyyyy!!
I'm so high on empty right now. It fels so exhilerating that I haven't had a single calorie all day, and even though I'm already at a deficit, I'm about to go burn off more.
I wish everyone strength, peace, and happiness!!!
Good night :D

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