Saturday, May 23, 2009

poems i found online somewheres..

Ana's Weight Loss Program
Somebody save me from this voice
It makes me diet, I have no choice
Every calorie I dare to consume
Must be tallied, or I am doomed
Consuming more than the voice allows
Means I will be forced to get rid of them NOW
The voice is called Ana, and she is my guide
For better or worse, she remains by my side
When I was fat she took me in
During that time she was my only friend
She gave me the strength to lose the pounds
Through my worst moments, in her solace was found
I pray to her when I am weak in will
Take daily communion of water and diet pills
Pennence means exercising until I drop
And above all else, I must not stop
She may be harsh, always demanding perfection
As a teacher, she points me toward the right direction
The lessons are strict, the punishment unforgiving
But when I graduate I will finally begin living
The diploma is thinness, and beauty to match
But in order to graduate there is just one catch
A well kept secret that all Ana students hide
you will not graduate until after you have died
Because the spirit is as thin as you can be
And our weight must be at it's lowest, you see.
So when you are gone, and your spirit can soar
You will literally have a body that is to die for

My Quest To Be Thin
I get home from school
I feel high from hunger
I've only had water today
I've been doing so well
I put down my bag
And walk down the hall
The kitchen is calling my name
I feel my self-control waver
I can't ignore itI open the cupboard
And reach for the cookies
I freeze with the bag in my hand
Ana is screaming at me
I continue to open the bag
And pull out the thing I really want
I take a nervous bite
It just tastes so good
Ana is furious
I know I should stop
But it's harder than it sounds
I was strong yesterday
But I was weak today
I know I'm fat
And that cookie was a mistake
I run to the bathroom
Lock the door
Turn on the taps
And drop to my knees
I don't want to do this
But I don't have a choice
I put my finger down my throat
Once I start I know I can't stop
Today is the dayAna and Mia met
They will become close friends
In my quest to be thin

You are to me.
You are my seduction, my temptation
My every waking moment
And the temptress of my dreams
You give me life and weigh me down
And you taste so bittersweet
You're my addiction, that I can't live without
You're my love, my Master
I'm chained to you, awaiting your torture
You tease me and taint me
And I keep coming back for more.
You're my only satisfaction
But every silver lining has a cloud
You are the reason I hate myself
The reason I tear at my flesh
And wish for my skeleton
You are the reason I am not perfect
I crave you every second
But I must have the strength to abstain
And success is acid on the tongue
Why does failure taste so sweet?
Why is love so cloying, so heavy
Why do you do this to me.
You are the blood in my veins
The breath in my lungs
The hole in my heart
You are food
And that's the saddest part.

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  1. the first one is super good and well written but i like the last one best and the twist at the end. we are going to be skinny freaks and we can do it i can't wait till the end of the summer neither of us can give up.