Wednesday, August 31, 2011

i hate that, because i used to starve myself so much, anytime i eat ANYTHING AT ALL, my stomach grows like 8 times its normal size... i only had 1200 calories today, and im fucking huge. i thought 1200 was somewhere around less-than-normal :(
it could also be because all i ate today was broccoli and quinoa and beans, and ice cream. i had like 3 spoons of ice cream.
fuck the fiber man, fuck the fiber.
i wanna get high, and wear gypsy clothes, and have abs, and be able to hula hoop, and have dreadlocks :(
instead im chillin in my grey sweatpants and black dragonforce tshirt.
i do love this shirt though :)
hmmmmmmmmmmmm bloggedyblogblog
so today was ok ish, i had a HUGE convo with my philosophy professor about descartes and berkeley and perceptions and the matrix...
this guy is seriously philosophically corrupting my mind, and i fucking love it!
also, i am WAY ahead in all of my textbooks.
and i have As in all my classes.
but seriously its the second week so bleh
im also extremely depressed and i hate everything
its fascinating to me how when im most depressed im also the fattest and most scholarly productive.......WTF it doesnt make sense.
i dont wana be skinny and stupid but i dont wanna be fat and nerdy lol :(
OH also im poor as fuck. like i ate the last of my quinoa so now i only have ramen, dried beans, and frozen broccoli...
and like hot chocolate lol
im ready to go prostitute now >:D

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