Tuesday, August 23, 2011

goal: 130 by halloween?

i’m roughly 145 ish maybe. i was 151 on friday (water weight), and the only things i’ve consumed since saturday morning (when i moved into my dorm) are protein shakes, an apple, a peach, an egg, juice, and coffee. SO… 15 pounds in about ten weeks?

also, (obviously) i did move back to school. my classes are cool so far, good teachers, etc.
philosophy through film, child and adolescent development, intro to nutrition, intro to poetry. easy classes.
i know i can make good grades f i actually try, but the trying part is so hard sometimes :(
but a lot of my younger friends from high school just graduated, so they just moved in too, so i have more of my closer friends back, which is cool because i like to be immature and crazy which is exactly what they are :)

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  1. I am seriously so proud of how far you have come! I've never paid as close of attention to your stats from when you were younger. And girl, that is amazing! You have come soooo far :) I hope you realize how great of a feat that truly is. I read a study once that said those who are overweight as children have a much harder time losing weight because there body becomes familiar with the fat cells and they are harder to get rid of then say, someone who was super little until college and then wanted to lose weight. So keep up the amazing work, you are such an inspiration and you can definitely make that goal easily!