Wednesday, August 24, 2011

my intro to poetry professor wants me to bring in the best poem i've ever written...
i was like, "what if everything i've ever written is all crap?" ugh so now i have to look through like twenty old notebooks with the pages stuck together and stuff to find a poem that is like the hay in the needlestack... :/
if i find one, i'll post it here. i wrote one a while ago about my little brother, i just have no idea where it is. i've written some ok ish ones about eating disorders and feeling trapped inside of this monster, but idk where they are either :p

oh! and also, they un-registered me from two of my classes... it was an accident, but it still means i have to re-register, however there is some weird hold on my account that they won't lift until i pay them $20 and i was like uh, i don't have the money... so it looks like i might only be taking three classes instead of five :'( i will never catch up :''(

i miss posting on here everyday, like not always about food shit but like everything. i don't really have anyone to talk to, and i know i don't really talk to you guys alot, but knowing that someone reads this helps i guess. especially because when i try to talk to people they almost always interrupt me and try to fix me but you guys can't interrupt because you're reading mwahahaha >:D lol
anyway, i love you guys, and for anyone who is reading this specifically for the food part, i haven't had anything solid except for one scrambled egg for like 3 days. i'm not healthy, but i'm in idgaf mode, and my tummy is smaller-ish so i can wear my cuter shirts finally... so... w/e :D
stay strong guys, i want to encourage everyone to NOT EAT LIKE ME, be HEALTHY and STRONG and fill your body with things that will IMPROVE it instead of starving it or trashing it. <333

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  1. I miss you posting about all the random shit under the sun AND I miss your Vlogs.

    Fuuuuuuuck, I should get back on the Vlog bandwagon too! XD

    I bet you'll find something so epic you'll be like 'I wrote THAT?!?' If not, bullshit. Take something and run it through the BS mill and polish it and voila! Shiny poem of awesomeness.

    Love you <3