Thursday, June 23, 2011

just spent 3 holurs researching starvation, dehydration, hunger strikes, etc...

my new goal: go as long as i can with no food and no water. im going to live off of coffee. it supposedly takes 3 days to die without water. i imagine that coffee does not equal water, so it might take maybe a week? it takes a few weeks to die with no food if you’re still taking in liquids.

either way, ive gone 7 days with no food and only water and juice before, and i was totally fine. so im going to try for 7 days of just coffee. maybe a protein shake if i cant take it. and of course, alcohol will be consumed because alcohol does not count and probably would speed up the process anyways. if anyone offers food i will say no. im so fucking tired of this shit.

so i need to finish my novel asap.


  1. Good luck pushing your limits, but don't die!

  2. coffee is a water base so it is good :) But drink some normal water so it doesn't murder your kidneys, been there and it's not fun. Best of luck pushing your limits though, stay safe