Wednesday, June 22, 2011

i just had the best night of my life!

and i wasn’t even that drunk or high lol but i did ride on the hood of a speeding car, i got thrown off like i flew ten feet and skid across the road lol yay for battle scars and my best friend was on the hood with me and he flew off forwards and they ran over him but he is ok and the whole night was just a hilarious disaster :) i missed my old crowd so much, i’m so glad they finally graduated :)
and honestly, i feel soooo happy right now because i reconnected with my old friends and i feel right back where i belong, and it feels amazing.
i mean like we do drugs and stuff but thats not important..............
i feel like fasting alot will be happening.
i didnt make it to the gym yesterday because i was too busy falling off of cars lol but im going right NOW i will be back in 2 hours :)


  1. I'm so glad you woke up. I really can't handle the thought of losing you.

    Its mushroom season here, what bands do you recommend? I may just stick with Metallica and Alice Cooper if thats cool with you :)

    Reasons to exercise:
    1) Calories burned is weightloss earned
    2) You won't look like Oprah/Rosie O'Donnell. (Seriously, I bet those two NEVER spent more than 5min in a gym in their lives)
    3) 110lbs of toned bod and 110lbs of untoned bod look TOTALLY different. You don't wanna be the poster child for 'skinnyfat'!

    Speaking of which, Imma do a few crunches and pushups.

    Love you, please take care of yourself.