Tuesday, June 21, 2011

if someone can give me 3 good reasons to go workout, i will do it!
i just dont wanna :/ so somebody beat me into it


  1. Are you happy with your weight? Do you want to stay the same (or possibly gain from being inactive)? If you exercise you will burn calories and tone up your muscles. Tone muscles make you look smaller than flabby fat does. People will look at you and be jealous if you work out so you can look and feel your best. Exercise releases chemicals in the body that make you feel happier. It will boost your metabolism. A faster metabolism means more calories are being burnt so you will lose weight even faster.

  2. do you want to wear a bikini this summer? do you want to go to the beach and see girls with toned abs, arms, and legs.. but you look down at your body and feel ashamed that you didn't work out as much as they did? work out and look HOT in your BIKINI! ;)
    you'll lose weight FASTER and you'll burn calories so you won't have to restrict as much, you'll be able to treat yourself to that piece of cake on a saturday night and not feel guilty about it!
    and last but not least, work out because YOU'RE WORTH IT! you are strong and beautiful, never forget that :)
    xo nikki