Tuesday, September 8, 2009

awh :]

I get a lot of really great comments from like a bazillion amazing people on here. Like fer real. But certain people just make me literally tear up and go "AAAAAAAWWWWWHHH!!!!!" I love you PrettyWreck! It's great to know nobody is judging me here, even though I live in constant fear of that anyways. But someone saying that means sooo much like you have no idea. Like.. This is my safe little haven where I can say whatever the fuck I want, and if nobody likes it, then oh well, because this blog started as a release of everything inside of me, and that's what it should be: Me. No matter what mood I'm in. It just so happens I'm in sort of a good mood today, despite having a sprained hip :/
Yesterday I went hiking through the woods with my best guy friend ever from kindergarten. He was my very first boyfriend, but now he's gay (haha go figure we used to play barbies and watch the spice girls movie), but anyways he wants to be a photographer after college, and he loves photographing girls with long hair, so he asked me to come exploring with him in the woods near our houses. So I get there and he's all like "omg you've lost alot of weight you look so great omg" and I'm all *blushblushblush* "yeah i guess?" lol So we're pretty much hiking through this really tall grass and I started noticing my hip was sore a little bit, but I figured it was just because I'm not used to hiking in Florida heat for 4 hours, and that probably I should do this more often so I won't be so fucking lazy, so I ignored the pain like anyone with an ED naturally would.
But when I got home holy mother of sweet baby Jesus Christ on a cross... I wanted to scream. It hurt so bad by then. And when I woke up this morning, it was even worse. So I'm not going to school today, but to the doctor instead. Which is scary since last time I got officially weighed I was 170... So I'm currently chugging a gallon of water to make up for lost weight, haha yay!
But other than that, I feel really good today. I got a pep talk last night from one of my bestest friends ever, morg-ana, and I feel strong now :] Last night I ate some broccoli/carrots/edamame (150 calories), and this morning I can finally say I'm safely nestled back into the 150s at 155. Not too bad really, considering I lost and gained a total of 10 pounds over the weekend, but not good enough. I had half of a poptart today (100 calories) and hopefully tonight I will have like soup or something really low cal.
Then tomorrow is the famous No-calorie wednesday, and I'll eat on Thursday.
I really want Friday to be a liquids-only day. I really want to make that a trend. Fasting on Sundays and Wednesdays, and liquids only on Fridays. Until October, when me and my best friend ever are going to do liquids-only for 30 days!! I'm so excited for that.
OMG!!! I just realized that in 13 days, I will finally be legal! Then I can buy ciggarettes, porn, diet pills... AND stay out late at night :D AND go clubbing! Wooooo!!! LoL!
I can't wait for my birthday. I can't wait to see the number on my scale on my birthday. LOWLOWLOWLOW like apple bottom jeans :]
*drinks coffee*
Much love to my pretty tiny little angels out there!


  1. I just came by to check out your stats and I wanted to tell you how proud I am of you! You are amazing and such an inspiration! Keep it up - you are beautiful!!

  2. You're doing amazing! You've lost a lot of weight since Dec '08, you should definitely be proud!

  3. Oh, I'm so glad we're your angels. :) I feel the same about the comments I get, they just make me so happy and lovely sometimes.

    You are going to look so ultra spectacular for your birthday!! Have fun being legal!


    That'll be you Heather! Staring at your fabulous skinny figure! Soo glad your friend made those comments - you deserve the praise. I've missed your blog dear, sorry I've been away for so long! You are strong and as I always like to remind you - SUCH an inspiration for me!!