Friday, January 7, 2011

skinny girl diet fail

im at school again yay this week has been crazy im so busy this semester blehhhh so like i wont be updating as much :/ i need to get my grades up.
needless to say i have not even thought about counting calories or anything and i havent exercised except for the walking i do everyday back and forth to classes but i havent been eating alot really like at all and i look smaller already so imma just assume that its ok for now and keep on starving :]
i hope everyone is doing ok i miss you guys!


  1. aww i'll miss reading frequent posts but yeah focus on your grades...
    sometimes the best plan is no plan at all less pressure same results
    stay strong

  2. I will miss your blogs but keep it up in school!!

  3. Hey girl! I'm back! I've misssed you and everyone else! I hope school is going great and I hope you get your grades up! I'll be watching you! Keep it up!!