Sunday, January 2, 2011

egg whites

cooked in the microwave :]
i wish i could just live on this shit
but then i wouldnt be a very good vegetarian/halfway vegan...
lol it would be awesome if all i had in my dorm was eggs and broccoli though :] i think i will try that one of these days.

omg my intestines feel really weird i purged with miralax the other day at my grandmas and like ever since then my intestines have been making the weirdest noises... anyone else ever used miralax???

gosh i am so addicted to tumblr now i love it. it is constantly updated and the more thinspo sites i follow the more time i get to spend on it and the more time i spend on it the less i think about eating!!! this semester is going to be amazing. i cannot wait. imma get to 140 by the end of this month and i will come home on my brothers bday in february and my whole family will be like ...the fuckkkk?!!??!?!!? and ill be like yeah bitches you said i couldnt get any skinnier if i tried well try this!
i hate them. they have no faith in me.
the truth is, i would probably be ok with myself at this weight if it werent for me being so flabby. i need to tone up.
guess the fuck what
they tore down the gym on campus. theyre rebuilding it. it wont be done until fucking next year.
sooooo i will have to rely on ddr and tae bo and possibly running through the nature trails on campus :/ fml
so i have no access to weight machines :/ must do calisthenics!

but anyways i was gonna talk about my family for a sec
my mom told me not to lose any more weight and just to tone up
my grandma actually asked me when im going to GAIN some weight...
i was like...
the day you stop being a bitch how bout that
ill gain some weight when a doctor fully diagnoses me as anorexic. try like 40 pounds from now, k?
one of my cousins told me i couldnt lose any more weight if i starved myself....

i was like...
wanna bet?????

140 by feb 1st.
thats all that matters right now.


  1. asses, that's so mean. do they want you to hate yourself?
    stay strong happy new year

  2. Happy new year! I feel you on family members making comments on gaining weight...I'm like, seriously? I'm trying to lose a little haha. I love egg whites too. Made my day when I discovered how low in calories they are.