Monday, September 27, 2010


im so hungry i could kill my roommate to consume her flesh.

and i lost all my lighters like wtf how does someone lose 3 fucking lighters?!

small salad +50
almonds +100
juice +20

gym -275
walking -100

total= -205

on the bright side i went to the gym today
on the dark side its raining so i cant go for a walk
and im fat as fucking ever still.
if i didnt eat for a month i still wouldnt be anywhere near my goal.
i might be halfway there.
and thats better than what i am now.
so why the fuck not.
im throwing all the food in my dorm away.
anything thats not fruit or vegetables.


  1. i swear lighters have legs and wings, they run and fly off. at one point i had like 5 lighters and then they all just disappeared. they are living things

  2. yay!!!! nice output/intake! lookin good on paper, is it coming through on your body?


  3. You'll be fine - and I admire that you're getting rid of unsafe foods. :) Meanwhile, I bought m&ms today - ate a bunch :/ . Hoping my boyfriend will eat most of them.